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This makes me happy on so many levels I can’t begin to describe it. Finally got to meet the incredible Winnie and what does she love most in the entire shop???? FILTH!!! That’s my girl.
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No ONE puts OMG in a corner. Well, I mean, we can get out of it if you do.

Ok, I get it. We’re idiots that didn’t auto renew our domain. Nor did we renew it when they sent 27 emails the month leading up to it. WE OWN IT. WE DID IT. Well, not all the way “we” more like a certain brown haired girl….but I digress. I get that there are companies out there that make a living (and a good one at that) capitalizing on others dumbassery, but I mean…If you do that…OWN THAT. Don’t demand SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS for a website, tell us it’s getting tons of bids and refuse to work with us UNTIL I make one measly “negative” (I mean true) post on social media about it then miraculously the price drops to six HUNDRED dollars???? Conditional of course upon the removal of said post? Dude. Don’t you know who we are? Don’t you know that NO ONE can turn lemons into the BEST DAMN LEMON DROP MARTINI YOUVE EVER HAD THEN US? Hello? Glitter floor? Hello? Car stolen and shop robbed twice in a week? Hello? Rehab? We don’t bend. We don’t break, and we sure as hell don’t get bullied. We reinvent. We take a sad song and make it better. ¬†www.oldmadegoodnashville.com

We’re OMG and NO ONE puts OMG in a corner.
Kate and Ashely

Remember that one time our domain expired and that company bought it and tried to sell it back to us for $6000? Yeah, no. BACK IN BUSINESS BABY! Thanks to @sayruhhelen & @joshmock for the help and keeping me homicide free! Also I hope you guys get the Notorious B.I.G. reference here. #oldmadegoodnashville #bigpoppa #cantstoptilliseemynameonablimp
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Gorgeous vintage three-tiered  barrister bookcase, glass doors, painted Hermes Orange. DEAL WITH IT. $550 49x 34 x12d inquiries Kate@katekillsit.com
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Super excited to pass this info along. No website, no email, no online shop until we do some negotiating. As always, we invite you to learn from our utter stupidity. 
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Um…vintage house for sale!?  My sweetly renovated 1600 sq ft ranch house is on the market as of today. Full finished basement apartment, big ass backyard and close to OMG. Duh. I have a bet with my husband and agent that I’ll be the one to sell it. DONT LET ME DOWN NASHVILLE!  @tjanderson @katekillsit or @henrypile for more info.
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All of this $5 each?? You wish. Just making sure you realize we’ve still got plenty of expensive stuff for everyone bitch about.
Garage Sale insanity makes me angry. Yes that IS a yellow vintage tandem bike and yes that is a working stove from the 50’s. If you come here I may punch you in the face but it’s worth it  ( it’s me Kate) #garagesale #vintage #bikes #iwanttopunchyouintheface (at Old Made Good)
@katekillsit here and I feel like this is totally worth noting. I started using Instagram over 4 years ago (before the shop was even born) just for sweet ass filters. I had NO idea people were looking at this thing for a full 6 months. My point is this:  3783 followers later, YOU have helped grow our small business and we are grateful every fucking day. THANK YOU, thank you, thank you!
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Sometimes you just need to get Fancy as Fuck. Know what I mean? Gorgeous vintage mahogany Butler tray with brass campaign details on folding stand $250 30x 31.5 x 18 perfect for liquor, perfume, hell we don’t care.
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